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A book on the success stories of 17 successful African Entrepreneurs. The book features their background stories, how they started their companies, what their companies are all about, the challenges they have faced and how they overcame, and where they are now. It also contains words of inspiration and encouragement from these entrepreneurs to young and upcoming entrepreneurs.



Certainly a very good read! In the past, we have read books about international businesses, how they started, how they grew, and narrowly escaped the first 1-3-5 year business growth/collapse projection, to 10 years and above, and truly those businesses seem very afar off, hard to relate… that is, the environment is different, the guiding laws and values are different, the morals and educational standards are enviable to say the least!

Finally, a book that tells series of the African businesses narratives just as succinctly and profoundly.

So many insights to draw from this 100 page letters of hidden treasures and wisdom. It is a mind stretcher!

Mosun Akinwamide Nicole

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